Marble Honing

This Marble Island was filled with Etching and Scratches. Our Client decided to protect their surfaces with Tuffskin so we removed the damage using a Wet Sanding Process and restored it to a nice Matte finish. This surface now live protected from Etching and Staining for years to come!

Marble Polishing

Like the Marble kitchen above, These surfaces were full of etching and scratches. We opted for Tuffskin but ultimately this client decided to protect their surface with Hydroshield. 

Satin Finishes

After removing scratches and etching on this Marble surface we restored it to a satin finish. A satin finish is right in the middle of Honed and Polished, often providing the client with the "best of both worlds"  of having some sheen while also maintaining a less reflective - easier to maintain surface. 

Chips, Cracks and Breaks 

Here are a few photos showing some repairs that we have done. We work on all Natural and Engineered stones. We are able to repair broken dining tables, Coffee tables, broken corners, chips, cracks and more. 

 Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Yep! We do floors too! This Travertine Floor had a few Etches from house hold cleaners. We mechanically removed the etches and polished the entire floor back to a beautiful glossy finish.